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Do I need to bring a Partner?

Nope! Many of our students attend classes without a partner, we rotate in our group classes so you’ll dance with everyone in the class.

Do I have to rotate partners in class?

We recommend that couples rotate partners in group classes, as in our experience you’ll learn quicker when dancing with multiple partners. But if you’re not in the mood, just hug your partner during the rotation so others know to pass you by!

What should I wear?

Shoes: Choose a shoe that is comfortable and will stay on your foot. Smooth soles are preferable. Attire: Our students come to class in everything from professional attire to jeans and other casual styles.


How long do I attend Each Class Level?

Level 1 is a four week series covering the basics of up to four dance styles. After two - three 
months of Level 1, students can qualify for level 2. 
(Feel free to repeat this class if you want to get more practice)


Level 2 - 4+ months

Level 3 - 8+ months

Do I dance as a leader or a follower?

Traditionally in partner dancing, the gentlemen are leaders and ladies are followers, however we encourage everyone to dance both roles at some point in time. You are welcome to dance whichever role you prefer but please note that Tess may kindly ask you to even out a class by dancing a particular role.

Besides, dancing both roles is simply more fun!


Can I practice at The Annex?

Yes! Contact Tess directly for availability and to book practice time.


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