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Current Session - April 30th - May 30th


*Please note that social dances are on hold until our next door neighbor,


The Copper Plank is officially open!*

Read on about our group classes and find a class on the schedule below.

~ Come on your own or dance with your partner.

~ Join our group dance classes on the first week of any

progressive four or five week session if possible.

~ Currently, we offer 3 levels of classes:


Level 1


These classes are open to everyone and are designed for students with

little or no dance experience. They cover the basics of up to five dance styles with some simple combinations to be able to get on the floor quickly and have fun!

After three months of Level 1, students may qualify for Level 2.


This qualification can also be done in a private lesson.


Feel free to take Level 1 as long as you want for the most practice!


Level 2


These classes require instructor approval. They are designed to continue your dance education with more complex combinations and an introduction to technique and other characteristics of a good social dancer! With prior dance experience, contact the class instructor to see which level is the best fit for you.

After four to 6 months of Level 2, students may qualify for Level 3.


This qualification can also be done in a private lesson.

Level 3


These classes are for our most advanced students and require instructor approval! 

Some of our classes rotate through different styles monthly and others focus on the same dance style(s) with a Fusion twist.

All of our classes are 45 - 50 minutes.

Our definition of Fusion partner dancing:

~ Dancing two or more dances together in the same song.


~ Dancing a style to music not traditionally associated with it, such as Bachata to Country music or Tango to Rock.


~ Borrowing patterns and techniques from one style of dance to enjoy in another.

 We think it's more fun to learn everything so you can dance to anything!

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PDF OF may CLASSES-2.png

Group classes and social dances/practices are held Tuesday - Thursdays.

Some classes rotate through dance styles in 4 - 5 week sessions.

*Social dances are on hold until our next door neighbor, The Copper Plank officially opens for business!

Please check the weekly newsletter or social media often to be aware of cancellations, special workshops and weekend events.

See our list of styles taught below.


5:00 pm - LEVEL 2 - NC 2 Step, Waltz, American Tango, Argentine Tango, Foxtrot


6:00 pm - LEVEL 2 - Rumba, Fusion Swing, Cha Cha, Triple + Single Swing

7:00 pm - LEVEL 1 - Fusion Swing, Single Swing, Rumba, Bachata, Waltz

8:00 pm - LEVEL 1 - Lindy Hop, Blues

9:00 pm - Blues & Lindy Hop Social Dance


5:00 pm - LEVEL 3 - West Coast Swing Arg. Tango/Blues Fusion

6:00 pm - LEVEL 3 - West Coast Swing

7:00 pm - LEVEL 2 - West Coast Swing


8:00 pm - LEVEL 1 - West Coast Swing


9:00 pm - West Coast Swing Social Dance


5:00 pm - LEVEL 1 - Country Two Step, Country Swing styles

6:00 pm - LEVEL 1 - Bachata/Salsa

7:00 pm - LEVEL 3 - Bachata Sensual


8:00 pm - LEVEL 2 - Bachata/Salsa

9:00 pm - Latin Social Social Dance


Monthly workshops + special events



Purchase Punch Cards
1 Class - $20
4 Class Card - $70
12 Class Card - $180

Unlimited Class Membership - $150 a month (classes do not roll over to next month)

Weekly Social Dance - $10

4 Social Dance Card - $30

All pricing is per person, not per couple


Punch cards expire after 4 months from purchase date

Level 2 & 3 classes still require instructor approval with Unlimited Membership


  • 4 Class Punch Card

    Perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a weekly class
    Valid for 4 months
    • *Includes entry to all weekly social dances
  • 12 Class Punch Card

    Valid for 4 months
    • *Includes entry to all weekly social dances
  • Unlimited Classes Membership

    Every month
    Made for the dedicated dance student and Annex addict!
    • Unlimited access to weekly group classes social dances
    • *Does not include guest or independent teacher's classes
    • *Does not include entry to monthly workshops/social dances
    • *Class levels 2 and above still require instructor approval
    • *Unlimited memberships are per person not per couple
  • 4 Social Dance Punch Card

    Valid for 4 months
    • *Entry to any weekly social dance Tuesday - Friday
    • *Does not include entry to an instructional group class
    • *Does not include entry to monthly classes/social dances
Most group classes are currently taught by studio owner and instructor Tess Gunderson. Thursday Latin classes are taught by Tess and Annex instructor Victor Calvillo. Tess is a professional partner dancer and former competitor of 18 years. She is a professional Smooth Ballroom dance champion, All-Star level West Coast Swing dancer, Masters qualified Country Western dance competitor and all around partner dancing addict! Tess loves dancing everything from Lindy Hop to Salsa and has a passion for collecting a wide variety of eclectic music. She is also a songwriter, musician and graphic/digital artist. Visit the instructor page for Tess's full bio and stay tuned for more instructors and teaching opportunities at The Annex!
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